Say YES To Building Your Wealth & Legacy

Agape dFree Fall 2021 | Session 9

10 Weeks Beginning Tuesday, September 7


dFree “Say Yes to No Debt” 12 Steps to Financial Freedom created by Dr. Deforest B. Soaries, Jr., and existing for more than a decade, is a spiritual, financial and cultural movement that promotes financial freedom through values-based principles and practical approaches to financial management and increasing income. This course will teach students the cumulative effect of consistent and deliberate decisions made each day that lead to sustainable financial freedom.

Learn Tools
You'll Need So You Can

Increase Deposits, Deeds & Dividends

Learn Tools
You'll Need So You Can

Eliminate Debt, Delinquencies & Deficits

What’s Next?

Once you register for the fall session, you’ll receive more information about cost, materials, etc. For questions, please contact [email protected]

Hosted by Pneuma Life School of Ministry Continuing Education and Dr. Lawrence Powell, Senior Pastor